Let's Play
by Hiro Odan

I'm slowly doing my own let's plays. If anyone doesn't know what a let's play is, I'll explain it.  A let's play is where someone records themselves playing video games, while giving comentary.  I'm currently doing a let's play with the game Terraria.  The game can be found on Steam for about $15.  Here's the link to my youtube channel incase you want to check it out HERE  Please let me know how I am doing :D

New Job
by Hiro Odan

So I should have mentioned this here, but I have a new Job now at Dillards. I will be working full time and will have little time to work on comic strips, among other things.  I am switching my updates to Saturdays only. I wish I could keep up the pace that I did while unimployed, but sadly I cannot. If you would like to know more happenings about Udon Noodles usually before I post it here, follow @UdonNoodlesClan, Udon Noodles' voice.  If you don't have a twitter, please leave a comment below so that I know I should be more prompt with these blog posts.



Delayed Comic
by Hiro Odan

I wasn't able to get a comic done in time.  So it will be late.  If work permits me I will work on it later today and into monday morning.  I might be a "ghost" for a while so don't worry too much about me, I will be fine.  Hope to get back in the groove soon.

Follow Me On Twitter For Updates About Comic
by Hiro Odan

I have a new twitter account that mainly focuses on updates about the comic. It will not have any personal tweets just when i'm updating and delays.


To follow it just follow @UdonNoodlesClan

A tad late
by Hiro Odan

SUnday's comic is going to be a tad bit late.  I have a long day at work today and i won't be able to get it done until later tonight.  So in actuality it will probably be up on time, just not as early as usual.