New Job
by Hiro Odan

So I should have mentioned this here, but I have a new Job now at Dillards. I will be working full time and will have little time to work on comic strips, among other things.  I am switching my updates to Saturdays only. I wish I could keep up the pace that I did while unimployed, but sadly I cannot. If you would like to know more happenings about Udon Noodles usually before I post it here, follow @UdonNoodlesClan, Udon Noodles' voice.  If you don't have a twitter, please leave a comment below so that I know I should be more prompt with these blog posts.



Delayed Comic
by Hiro Odan

I wasn't able to get a comic done in time.  So it will be late.  If work permits me I will work on it later today and into monday morning.  I might be a "ghost" for a while so don't worry too much about me, I will be fine.  Hope to get back in the groove soon.

Follow Me On Twitter For Updates About Comic
by Hiro Odan

I have a new twitter account that mainly focuses on updates about the comic. It will not have any personal tweets just when i'm updating and delays.


To follow it just follow @UdonNoodlesClan

A tad late
by Hiro Odan

SUnday's comic is going to be a tad bit late.  I have a long day at work today and i won't be able to get it done until later tonight.  So in actuality it will probably be up on time, just not as early as usual.

Twitter and updates and such.
by Hiro Odan

Some people might not know that I update both on Saturday  and Sunday.  Well you follow me on twitter my name is @HiroOdan but if you want to get my FB acount it's at this LINK. If you don't use those "social networks' than you can email me at and ask for updates and news.  

Some more news I will be working on getting my buffer back to it's standard.  Today's update/Sunday's update is the death of my buffer.  I might even be able to update more days out of the week if I can just get a larger buffer made. I want your opinion on what days I should update?  Is this sat/sun update scheadule a good idea or should I update mon/tue or mon/wed or anyother day of the week.  Is it impractical to update on the weekend?  I know everyone has lifes outside of webcomic land, so let me know if you don't mind.

That's all I have to say for now, good night.